High Level

high-level-clean3This is a skilled, specialist cleaning service which should always be undertaken by a professional contractor.  Most business and organisations do not have staff with the required Health and Safety training or the specialist equipment necessary to ensure that the work is carried out in a safe and controlled manner. Briteclean offers a comprehensive, professional service to carry out this essential task on a regular basis for all types of industrial and commercial premises where product quality and safety could be compromised by the ingress of dirt and residues from the working environment. The sectors we cover include:

  • food manufacturers
  • industrial kitchens
  • schools and colleges
  • industrial fabricators and
  • retail and leisure facilities.

The methods used vary depending on the sector, but the primary objective is to create a programme of work that will maintain overhead and high-level structures so that dust and residues do not accumulate to a level where product contamination or infestation could occur.